SAB Policies and Background Information

Why has SafePlus been created?

New Zealand has an unacceptably high rate of serious workplace injury, illness and fatality.

The social and economic cost of people being hurt and killed in New Zealand workplaces is conservatively estimated at $3.5 billion each year, and inflicts an enormous emotional toll on the people affected.

SafePlus will contribute to the Government's commitment to reducing workplace injuries and fatalities by 25% by 2020.

SafePlus assesses businesses’ health and safety performance and provides them with tailored recommendations on what they need to do to improve. The Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service also goes further and provides businesses with tailored ‘how to’ advice and best practice guidance on how they can implement improvements to help make sure everyone in the workplace gets home healthy and safe.

SafePlus is not a traditional conformance product, such as a paper-based audit of a business’s compliance with health and safety legislation or management or quality assurance standards.  Rather it defines what good health and safety looks like.

Further information can be found on WorkSafe’s website here.

Please find our major policies for the SafePlus Accreditation Body (SAB).

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