Lone and mobile workers GPS alarm

Our GPS lone and mobile alarm system uses the latest technology to support lone or mobile workers. A discreet alarm alert can be activated that will tell the 24/7 monitoring station where you are and will open a voice channel.

We have both government and commercial customers and are on the All of Government syndicated contract for personal duress alarms.

Tracecare Lone Worker alarms are proudly monitored by St John




Be Mobile

Workers can be visiting clients’ homes or be travelling and be supported with our GPS personal alarm. The GPS alarm will send your location and open a voice channel to the 24/7 monitoring team.

Feel Secure

Create an alert with a discreet a push of a button whenever you need to. The unit will update with your location and open a voice channel to the monitoring station. The personal alarm will also automatically detect a fall. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that support is at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.


Safe and unsafe areas can be easily set up through our portal and automatically send alerts to your management team.


24/7 Monitoring

Our 24/7 monitoring partner is St John. Their expert staff are experienced at managing large workforces. We will work with you to develop standard operating procedures so that you and your staff know what will happen if they trigger an alert.


Self Management

You can have your own management team receive emails and texts alerting them if a worker has had a fall or triggered an alert. The message will tell them where you are.

Our friendly portal means it is easy to add contacts and manage who gets the alerts.

If you want to speak to one of our friendly customer support staff please call 0800 559 720.

 How It Works

Mobile or lone workers can feel isolated or vulnerable. Our personal, discreet GPS alarm allows the worker to send an alert to a 24/7 monitoring station.

The GPS unit uses the Vodafone mobile network to send the location and open a one-way or two-way voice channel. The monitoring team can see where you are and assess if you need help.

There are three simple parts to the Alarm System - the clip, the wristband and the dock.



The clip must be carried when you’re out-and-about.
It has an alert button which, when pressed, will send your location by using the latest GPS mobile technology.




The wristband is waterproof and designed to be worn at all times. It senses motion, detects falls and communicates wirelessly with the clip. By pressing the buttons, you can send an alert.




The dock charges the devices.

Heart Beat