All of Government Consulting

Tracecare is proud to have been appointed to the All of Government panels for

  • Operations Management and Risk
  • Protective Security Services (specialised sub-panel)
  • Marketing and Public Relations

We also hold a number of other contracts with New Zealand Government departments.

Our staff are recognised experts in their fields and we are here to support excellence in the public sector.

We have worked directly with the following departments in the last 12 months

  • DIA
  • MBIE
  • NZ Defence
  • ACC
  • WorkSafe NZ

Over the last ten years we have developed expertise and recognition in managing the intersection between Government, businesses and the public.


Protective Security Services

Our expert consultants have had over 25 years working with, and developing, security standards for New Zealand and overseas. We are recognised experts in the field and have been awarded onto the specialised New Zealand All of Government Protective Security Services sub-panel.

We are also a licenced security company.

Operations Management and Risk

Tracecare has vast experience in developing and managing operations for large organisations and joint initiatives with the New Zealand Government. We are recognised experts in Risk Management and have worked with a range of Boards to further their understanding and management of risk.