Getting on with Health and Safety

It is fantastic to see so many organisations starting to seriously think about health and safety for their worker when they are working away from their office.

A number of large organisations are making sensible decisions and evaluating what solution will work best for different types of workers. Health and safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s thinking.

No surprise then that we are busy selling and trialling our Tracecare buddi solution across the country with a range of public and private sector organisations.

The key is making sure you have identified what are the key risks and what are the sensible mitigations.

Tracecare’s GPS enabled system is designed to be discreet and easy to use. It is fit-for-purpose and will provide lone workers with support. Alerts provide GPS locations and we offer a choice of monitoring plans to suit different situations.

Check out our website for more information or call one of the team on 0800 559720.