Buddi Personal Alarms

The Buddi personal alarm system uses the latest technology to give you the freedom to live life your way.



be-found-iconBe Mobile

Buddi personal alarms are totally mobile. Unlike other old-fashioned medical alarms that only work at home, a Buddi personal alarm enables you to be supported as you get out and about and live life to the full. Our GPS alarm will send your location to your nominated friends or family.

feel-secure-iconFeel Secure

Connect with your family with a push of a button whenever you need them. It will send a text and email with your location.

A Buddi personal alarm will also automatically detect a fall. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that support is at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.


be-mobile-iconBe Found

The Buddi personal alarm uses the latest satellite technology (GPS) to enable your family to find you if you need help.

Buddi enables you to be independent and make no compromises. You can simply get on with living life, wherever it takes you.

 How It Works

There are three simple parts to the Buddi Medical Alarm System - the clip, wristband and dock.



The Buddi clip lives on the dock at home and must be carried when you’re out-and-about.

It has an alert button which, when pressed, will send your location by using the latest GPS mobile technology to your friends and family.



The Buddi wristband is waterproof and designed to be worn at all times. It senses motion, detects falls and communicates wirelessly with the buddi clip. By pressing the buttons, you can send an alert.



The Buddi dock charges the devices and can help you find a lost Buddi within your home.



Family Monitoring - You can have your family or support people receive emails and texts alerting them if you have a fall or trigger an alert. The message will tell them where you are.

Pricing and payment



Getting a Tracecare Buddi

A Tracecare Buddi costs $499+GST.

It is easy to purchase your own personal alarm using our secure online PayPal system that is simple to use.



Weekly Costs - $13+GST per week


The weekly costs cover the license fee and all texts and emails to your friends and family. We will charge you for the first two months of weekly costs and send you out a direct debit form to complete for the rest of the year.


If you want to speak to one of our friendly customer support staff please call 0800 559 720 or buy now to get started.

What our customers say

“Without doubt I think it is an absolutely brilliant product and I have shown it to many, who have been equally impressed. Thanks to all the Buddi team for their help. Fantastic people to match a fantastic product”

James buddi user

“If we didn’t have buddi, my mum would not be in her own home, and her independence is so important. It’s also given me freedom and now I can check that she’s home and take over her dinner and can spend the time talking to her rather than frantically driving around looking for her.”

Joanne Taylor daughter of buddi user

“It works really well for him and he really likes it. Before, he was nervous going out in cold, icy weather as we live in a rural area. Now, he’s getting on the bus to Halifax, 20 miles away. It has really opened up his world again and made him more active.”

Sarah Boocock carer of buddi user